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SEE Centennial is shaping the path for a sustainable future.

We are committed to providing customers, business owners and employees with an exceptional experience, while incorporating environmentally sustainable operating practices and energy-efficiency measures at our property.

SEE Centennial is built on three cornerstones of Sustainability, Efficiency and the Environment. At Pacific City, we recognize our role in environmental stewardship, both as a property manager and a vibrant member of the communities we serve. We are always working to institute new programs designed to decrease our carbon footprint, reduce waste, conserve natural resources, reduce our energy use, and save money. Over the past year, Pacific City has undertaken numerous environmentally friendly initiatives, such as:

  • 27 tons of cardboard recycled
  • 143 mature trees saved
  • 5,040 kWhs of energy conserved
  • 3,360 gallons of oil preserved
  • 280 cubic yards of landfill space unfilled
  • 6,224 pounds of greenhouse gases avoided

The public can learn more about Pacific City’s eco-minded efforts and about the SEE Centennial program on the Sustainability page of Centennial’s website. Centennial created its “SEE Centennial” program to help lead the company and the properties it owns and operates toward the goal of making the next evolution of each shopping center a greener one. SEE Centennial was built on the three cornerstones of Sustainability, Efficiency and the Environment, something each of the shopping centers Centennial owns or manages are encouraged to embrace. At Pacific City, environmental stewardship is an important part of creating a sustainable future and another way the center supports its commitment to the Huntington Beach community.