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Pacific City Gallery - TAVi

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Pacific City Gallery - TAVi

Pacific City Gallery hosts a special collection of TAVi art by Arellano Gustavo, widely known as the Modern Picasso. The TAVi collection of 50 original pieces will be on display at the Pacific City Gallery for four weeks beginning Thursday, January 27th.

About Arellano Gustavo: Arellano Gustavo’s mantra has long been “Color is Freedom.” The artist grew up reveling in the colorful and vibrant traditions of his Native American and Latino heritage. Creating the spirit of his inner child, each color choice in his artwork is charged with meaning. TAVi art by Arellano Gustavo has been established in the United States arts scene since the late 1980s and his work has been featured in galleries in New York, Arizona, Miami, Chicago, New Mexico, and across California. TAVi’s whimsical style includes Arellano’s innovative use of “puffy paints,” acrylics, and resin creations, multimedia elements that seek to better embody “color” and bring emotions and inspiration alive on canvas. His unique artistic style is influenced by his love of the works of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Picasso. To learn more, visit Wesite

Located on the second level by the large Outdoor Digital Screen

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