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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

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Since 1970, Lush staked out a claim as one the early pioneers in a then, newly-emerging category of completely natural hair, skin, bath and beauty products.  With a true and unerring commitment to fresh, natural ingredients and ethical sourcing practices, Lush continues to be a category leader, attracting loyal fans internationally who appreciate their strong company ethos and fun, fabulous and appealing store environments and product selections.  Lush’s support of cruelty-free scientific research, raising awareness to end animal testing, ongoing and authentic charity focus and environmentally friendly packaging (or no packaging at all!) has proven to be more than clever PR or marketing – it is a company-held belief embodied in everything they sell and do.  Join the Lush movement and try any of their wonderful products – your senses and your “natural” inclinations will no doubt thank you for it!  These are purveyors of good, clean fun!

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