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Community Collective: Breath Work Class and Sound Meditation

Monday, June 5

Community Collective - Breathwork and Sound Bath Meditation

Monday, June 5

6:45 - 7:45 pm

Breath Work Class and Sound Meditation

We will use various pranayama techniques to open up the body and tap into your core this will help balance out the mind and body leaving you rejuvenated with a peaceful mind! There are so many different types of breath work, here we will dive in intuitively on which particular breathing techniques that will be used at the beginning to open up ,then we will dive into a two part pranayama this can bring about relaxing and peaceful experience but also I will be holding a safe place for you to explore your inner landscape then I end the class with a sound bath a great way to restore and restart your day or week!


Pacific City's New Community Collective Experiential Space. Located on the 2nd level, across from H&M next to TAVi Art Gallery, Suite H210

Parking Instructions: Take the left gate to underground parking veer left and park at the bottom by the elevator go to second floor! I have parking validation stickers.