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Winter Boot Trends We’re Here For!

By Laura Leiva
Boots – they’re a must-have during winter weather. Maybe you’re looking for a new style to incorporate into a capsule wardrobe or you’re shopping for your first pair: here are some of the top trending winter boots that look good while also keeping feet warm and protected from the elements!

·       Shearling lined boots. These are an iconic winter boot that’s perfect for wearing with leggings and a soft sweater. While not ideal for walking in snow or rain, shearling lined boots are the ultimate cozy winter boot. 
·       Rain boots. Keep feet dry and cozy in a pair of rain boots. Trending styles take the elements of a rubber rain boot and give it a modern makeover: think bold platform boots with chunky soles. 
·       Zip-up booties. This is the perfect winter boot for all the seasonal elements. Stylish with a wedge or platform heel, zip booties are waterproof and chic: ideal for work or running errands!
·       Combat boots. When you want an edgy style that offers protection from rain or snow, combat boots are an iconic style that work with any wardrobe. 
·       Knee-high boots. Not all winter boots are designed to withstand rain, ice, or snow. Knee-high boots are perfect for those colder days when you just want a little more coverage or want a boot style that works well with skirts and dresses.  

Winter boots are a must-have in any closet. Whether you need something for snow or just looking for a stylish boot to wear with your favorite winter clothes, there are plenty of styles to choose!