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Valentine’s Gifts Guide for your Significant Other

By Laura Leiva
Valentine’s Day is almost here again, which lots of people use as the perfect time to let their partners know just how much they care about them. If you’ve been wracking your brain thinking about what to get them, you’re not alone. This time of the year can be quite hard to remember all the hints our significant others might have given us. 

Don’t let the stress get to you – instead, check out our list of gift ideas that will leave your partner feeling appreciated. You’ll be sure to find the right present for that special person in your life. 

  • Picnic backpack: Also known as a picnic rucksack, this is a comfortable and practical gift. Spending time together is a great present, and giving your partner a fuss-free option that can hold all the picnic goodies is even better. It’s ideal for your simple, run-of-the-mill picnic, or even those more outdoorsy situations where you hike for miles to get the best view. 

  • Mixology class: Learning something together is an amazing way to bond, and what a better way to do it than over a drink! Signing you both up for a mixology class can be a really fun experience, and it can be done from the comfort of your own home. You can order the remote cocktail making class, which comes with the ingredients and all the other cocktail-making necessary accessories. 

  • Massage gun: If there is something worth the splurge, it’s a massage gun. This unique Valentine's Day gift is for everyone who could use some deep muscle treatment. It’s a relaxing, soothing gift idea that will be very welcome by your partner!

  • Subscription service: Does your partner love coffee? Maybe they prefer fresh flowers, reading the newest books, or love grilling steaks outdoors – signing your significant other up for a monthly subscription to an item they appreciate is one way to show them how much you care all year long. 

  • Personalized wall art: Looking for a gift that’s sentimental or thoughtful? Pick out a digital print or customized wall art that features the dates of a significant occasion. Whether it’s a first date, wedding date, or coordinates of somewhere special, this is one fun way to display your love story inside your space!