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Trends to Watch for Your Winter Wardrobe

By Laura Leiva
Winter style doesn’t have to be all about chunky sweaters and puffy overcoats. Add color and trending pieces to your wardrobe easily with the assortment of options found in stores! Upcoming winter fashion trends aren’t reinventing the wheel – they’re taking some of the most basic pieces and giving them new life. 

  • Add some color – your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be as dreary as the weather outside. Look to add jewel tones and deep tones into your outfit. Colorful prints, like paisley, are definitely back on trend!
  • Quilted pieces are cozy – looking for something different than a puffer jacket? Quilted coats are toasty and comfortable for all. Give these coats a modern twist by pairing with tailored pants and neutral tones of cream or brown.
  • Look for unique textures – velvet is one fabric that works perfectly in winter. Don’t relegate it to just holiday events! Instead, look for wide legged pants or blazers in a velvet material and pair it with something contrasting, like combat boots or silky blouses.

Winter fashion trends are wonderfully interesting and easy to find, thanks to the variety of options and neutral stylizing. Head over to your favorite shop to pick up a few staples to add a fresh look to your cold weather wardrobe!