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Tips to Drink More Water

By Leigh Williams
  • Fitness & Health
H20. We know its many benefits – more energy, glowing skin, less headaches, better digestion…the list goes on and on! Inadequate water intake can lead to fatigue, headaches, weight gain, dull skin and poor digestion. 
But despite knowing the pros and cons of our water intake, we oftentimes struggle to consume enough of it! 
Here are my top tips for increasing your water consumption:
Set a goal.
Keep track of your water consumption, too! Since I workout daily, my water goal is 100 ounces daily. I keep track of my intake by tallying the number of times I refill my 32 ounce water bottle! Which leads me to my next tip…
Get a cute water bottle! 
Seriously, just like new workout clothes get you more motivated to go to the gym, a cute new water bottle will motivate you to drink more water! I specifically like water bottles with a straw – there’s just something about that straw that has me hitting my goal easily! Try it. :)
Break up your intake. 
Say your water goal is 100 ounces per day. Shoot for 25 ounces by 9 am and 50 ounces by noon! This helps to avoid falling behind and needing to drink a ton of water right before bed.
Something to remember: one of these tips might help you to start out, but then you might find yourself needing to try another strategy – and that’s totally ok! As long as you’re sticking with your goal and adjusting your behavior to find a strategy that works best for you!