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Refresh Your WFH Routine

By Leigh Williams
Are you still working from home? Many of us are and I recently refreshed my routine, which has been a game changer for my mood, so I wanted to share in case you could also benefit from a change in your day-to-day.. 
I was starting to feel bored with my home office setup, so my husband and I switched “offices”. His had more natural light, which I would highly recommend if you can! This helps with my mood, but I’ve also noticed I haven’t been straining my eyes as much due to the blue light from my monitor…win-win! 
I was also starting to find myself working longer and longer…so I made a promise to myself (and to my family) that I would log off at the same time each day to allow for more family time. The work emails will always be there, but I needed to re-make my family a priority.
With everything happening via virtual meeting, I also found my calendar getting more and more full. To help schedule time for me to get to projects that require my 100% focus, I started to block my schedule off for 1-2 hours during the day. This helped with my “overwhelmed” feeling as well because I found most of that was coming from not having time to focus on my own work because my schedule was consumed by meetings. 
I hope these tips help! I know the time change can also affect our mental health, so don’t forget to make yourself and your schedule a priority this season.