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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

By Leigh Williams
Maybe you got invited to a Halloween party last minute, perhaps you need to dress up for your work, or maybe October 31st just snuck up on you this year. Don’t fret - we’ve all been there.
We’ve rounded up some easy costumes you can pull together in no time at all! 
Waldo – grab a red and white striped shirt, glasses, and a beanie! So simple.
Ceiling fan – if you have a blank t-shirt, create a “team spirit shirt” by writing “Go Ceilings!” or something similar on the front in t-shirt marker or Sharpie. If you have pom-poms you can add to the costume, even better.
Nani from Lilo & Stitch – wear light washed jeans and a t-shirt with a heart on it. Wear your hair down and parted in the middle and you’re good to go!
Daphne from Scooby-Doo – an oversized purple shirt or purple dress with a green scarf and purple headband is all you need!
Hawaiian punch – this requires a few props but if you have a Hawaiian lei and boxing gloves, you’re good to go! Add a hula skirt if you really want to stand out.
Boxer – If you have the boxing gloves mentioned above but don’t want to go with that idea, grab your robe, a pair of shorts and a tank top and go as a boxer! 
Animal of your choice – remember the old days when you just grabbed a pair of animal ears and called it good? It’s still acceptable.
Pink shirt lady emoji – throw on your favorite pink shirt, wear your hair down and pose!
Daria – all you need is a green jacket, brown tank top and round glasses. Wearing your hair down is also suggested.
Red dress dancer emoji – speaking of emojis, if you have a long red dress, you can easily be the red dress dancing emoji!
I hope this list of last minute costume ideas helps you out! I think I might even use one of these this year!