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How to Pack for Your Spring Getaway

By Laura Leiva

Packing for a spring getaway is exciting! Whether you love to pack everything or you try to travel with as little as possible, here’s how to pack for your spring getaway:

 ·       Pick out your luggage: Don’t pack a lot? A tote or weekend bag might be all you need for a spring trip away. Hard side luggage is a better option for the traveler who likes to pack all the things!

·       Use packing cubes: Separate and fold clothes before packing into cubes – this makes it much easier to pack and unpack rather than taking everything out of your luggage.

·       Consider the destination: Of course, the destination plays a huge role in what you pack. Take a look at the weather to get an idea of temperatures, then pack a few extra pieces for those random hot or cold spells.

·       Refill toiletries: Use clear containers to fill up on all your hair and skincare products to minimize bulk in your luggage.

·       Don’t forget the little things: Before it’s time to go, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and OTC items like band aids, antacids – depending where you travel it might be harder to find some of the products you’ll need after a long day of walking or eating.

 Preparation is key to getting a head start on enjoying any spring getaway!