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Home Cardio Workout

By Leigh Williams
  • Bath & Health
So you want to increase your endurance…but don’t want to head out for a run. Trust me, I’ve been there before! 
This cardio workout is one you can do anywhere! It’s a quick way to burn some calories, get your metabolism firing and keep you energized all day long.
Here’s what you’ll do: Perform the 4-move warm-up, and then immediately move into the main circuit. Do each exercise as fast as possible for 1 minute, without resting between moves. After you finish the whole circuit, rest for 1 minute, and then repeat the main circuit (no warm-up) 2-3 more times
Reverse lunges: 10 reps each
Squats with arms overhead: 10 reps 
Lying glute bridges: 10 reps
Planks with shoulder taps: 10 reps each
Mountain climbers: 1 minute
Burpees: 1 minute
Squat jumps: 1 minute
Side to side hops: 1 minute
Sit-ups or crunches 1 minute
Finish off your workout with some stretching and you’ll be set to take on your day!