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Elevate Your WFH Space

By Leigh Williams
Most of us have been doing this whole work from home thing for a while now…but I found myself absolutely hating my home office space a couple weeks ago, and it was really affecting my mood and attitude towards work! 
I wanted to share a few ways to elevate your work from home space in case you could also use a fresh start.
Rearrange your space. Doing this was a game changer for me. I moved my desk out of the corner of the room and adjusted to face a window. While you don’t want a bunch of distractions, I found that the natural light helped me to stay more energized throughout the day!
Invest in comfortable furniture. For a while I was using a temporary pop-up table and plastic chair as my desk space. This was not ideal and actually led to a lot of back pain. Invest in an actual desk and a comfy chair – because you are going to be sitting there for 8 hours a day!
Add some greenery. When I rearranged my space, I also added a couple plants! This really livened up my office and made my space feel so much cozier.
Choose inspirational décor. Since you have the freedom to choose any décor you want, make sure you choose pieces that will encourage you to feel creative and productive! Obviously you don’t want your surroundings to be distracting, but choosing pieces that give you a spark of creativity and inspiration will help to make your work better while also making your office space an inviting place to spend time!
How is your work from home setup going for you? Do you feel your space is adding to or detracting from your work? If you feel the latter, try out a few of these tips and make your space the best it can be!