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Ways to Style Your Favorite Sweater

By Sara Antonuccio
The moment the weather turns cold and you can pull out that tried-and-true sweater, you’re in heaven. It fits just the way you like, is soft as can be, and goes with everything. But you’ve been wearing it for a while now, and you’re getting tired of the same old look. What can you do to change it up? Here are some new ways to style your favorite sweater:
Change Out Your Shoes: Shoes can change the way your entire outfit looks. Pairing knee-high or higher boots with a sweater creates a wintry look, whereas heels serve to dress things up. Ankle boots are a good middle ground, and if you want a completely casual look you can always choose tennis shoes. 

Oversized = Dress: Is your favorite sweater oversized? Does it come down to at least mid-thigh, or a touch higher? Then you’re in luck, because your sweater can double as a dress. All you need is a thick pair of leggings or tights, possibly a belt to cinch in at the waist, and maybe a pair of tall boots. 

Make Your Skirt Mini: A trend we’re in love with this year is mini skirts and sweaters. The fitted look of a mini skirt matched with the bulkiness of a sweater is the perfect juxtaposition. Play around with different color palettes with this look, such as a darker brown skirt and a soft orange sweater, and try skirt materials like corduroy and wool. 

Trade Skinny Jeans for Wide Leg: Your usual go-to sweater outfit most likely includes a pair of skinny jeans, right? Not this year. This year, we’re trading skinny jeans for wide leg jeans and pants. It’s a euro-fabulous that’s just a tiny bit retro but without being tacky. If you’re not sure where to start, try a plain pair of black slacks with your sweater and see how you like it. 

Tuck It In: One ultra-easy way to change how your sweater outfit looks is to tuck in either the whole sweater (which works best with high-waisted pants), or just tuck in one of the front corners. It’s a simple trick that fashionistas use to add some shape to a bulky sweater.
With a few simple tips, your favorite sweater can get a whole new lease on life. Happy styling!