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3 Beauty Trends You Have to Try

We love playing with style, but all too often people forget how much of an impact their beauty routine can have on their look. Sure, you can stick with the same mascara, lip gloss, blush routine that you’ve been using for years, or you can switch it up and try out some new trends...
The same old or something new and exciting? You choose.  
1)    Neutral, natural makeup 
Sure, in the cooler months we might be tempted to play with darker shades of lipstick and a smoky eye, but if you want to switch it up, we highly recommend experimenting with more neutral shades. Think peachy lips, light brown eyeshadow, and a natural liquid highlighter. You don’t have to layer on the makeup to get an on-trend look this winter. Instead, keep it more natural, stick with neutral shades that compliment your natural skin tone, and you’re on your way to an on-trend beauty look. Easy peezy. 
2)    Experiment with winter blues
But hey, if neutral makeup doesn’t really fit the bill for you, we highly recommend playing around with shades of blue. You can keep this more subtle by using a thin line of blue eyeliner, or you can really ramp it up with full blue eyeshadow. In fact, if you’re going to use blue eyeshadow, we suggest either going all out or not doing it at all. In particular, a shade of periwinkle shadow will really help win you some beauty points. So go ahead, add some fun pops of blue for those of you who like to play with color in your beauty routine. 
3)    Don’t forget your hair 
While makeup trends are always fun to experiment with since you don’t have to commit, we also want to share two hair trends with you that fit perfectly with the two trends above. So, number one, when it comes to winter hair trends, we highly recommend embracing your natural hair, whatever that might be. Bold and curly, soft and wavy, whatever it is, natural hair is in. Having said that, on the other hand, we’re also finding that a pop of bold color has been trendy for the winter season as well. Baby pink, soft blue, electric purple, adding some color to your hair is the perfect compromise if you tend to gravitate more to bold styles rather than the natural ones. 
Which beauty trends do you naturally gravitate to: natural and soft, or big and bold? 
Whatever the case, we’ve included both makeup and hair trends that fit both bills. We’ve got your back.